About Us

Eve Line General trading was established in February 2014. Its a
general trading company that imports goods from Australia into the UAE.
The company is the Distributor to Australian brand X50 Lifestyle
which has a range of health and wellness products including drinks,
proteins and supplements.

• Vision Statement
Our Vision is to be the leading Health , Beauty and Wellness brand in
the UAE
• Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide education and products to the population of
the UAE both locals and expatriates to enable them to live a healthy and
beautiful lifestyle. Our brand transcends culture, gender and age and we
work to influence the population to embrace health and wellness through

  • Educating the community
  • Integrity in our interactions with customers and valued partners
  • Commitment to developing lifestyle changes in the UAE Community
Business Goals and Objectives
Eve Line General trading is the exclusive Distributor of the
X50 Lifestyle brand which is a leading brand in the Australian Health
and wellness market. Our goal is to make X50 Lifestyle the leading
health and wellness brand in the UAE.
We also intend to achieve these objectives by being a leading
distributor that provides health, beauty and wellness education to the
population of the UAE.