How to keep your face as fit as your bod
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How to keep your face as fit as your bod

The organic face mask you’re about to be obsessed with!

Tired, post workout or just a self-care Sunday? Here’s how to get glowing skin when you’re running on empty 

It seems that everyone and their dog are banging on about self-care these days (well, maybe not the dogs), but as it turns out, there is a reason for all the hype. Apparently, when it comes to self-care, a little can go a long way.




In fact, research shows that spending a little time pampering yourself can not only give you a break from the stressors in your life, but it can also make you more productive and can increase your self-esteem. But self-care doesn’t have to mean a weekend at an exxy spa, or all afternoon spent an infrared sauna (who has the time for that?), it can literally be 20 minutes with an overachieving face mask and your favourite playlist.


Here’s how the X50 Fit Face range can help:



After a tough workout session, your skin can feel dry and rough especially if you train outdoors or in a pool. To get that supple healthy glow back, try the Fit Face: The Hydrator Sheet Mask. This no-nasties organic cotton sheet mask is soaked in serum and contains goldenrod extract, which helps with inflammation, and rice bran extract to help brighten your skin. This handy mask also contains organic broccoli sprout extract, the source of an antioxidant called sulforaphane, which activates the body’s natural detoxification enzymes, as well as help protect again UV-damage and heal inflamed skin. Sulforaphane is basically an antioxidant superhero – it’s powerful and effective (and deserves its own Marvel movie, in our opinion!). So, while these ingredients do their thing, all you need to do is sit back and relax…


After a long day

Whether you’ve been slaving over a hot laptop all day or out battling in the elements, your skin could do with a little help to recharge and renew. That’s where X50 Fit Face: The Protector Sheet Mask comes in. Before you head out for the evening (or crack open some healthy snacks and turn Disney+ on) set aside 20 minutes for this mask to do its magic. As well as broccoli sprout extract (and its key player sulforaphane), this organic cotton mask is infused with coconut to repair and hydrate your skin as well as a little grape extract for smoothness (yes!).


For him
No, the fun isn’t limited to the girls, though. The X50 Fit Face: The Defender Sheet Mask is design specifically for active men. It’s perfect for after a heavy gym session or a long day hiking. Just set aside 20 minutes for this pack-a-punch mask to revive your skin. It’ll leave your face feeling smooth, soothed and fresh as. Plus, there are no parabens or sulphates used so it’s perfect for sensitive skin as well.


Looking for some more self-care ideas that don’t cost the earth? Here are five ways to treat yourself if you’re short on time:


  • Set aside 15 minutes every morning. Take this time to enjoy a hardworking, healthy coffee and a book. No screens. No work.
  • Call a different friend for a chat every week. Choose friends who make you feel good about yourself and aim to keep the conversation positive (no complaining about Karen in accounts…).
  • Keep a gratitude journal. I know it sounds like high school, but research shows journalling can actually help calm you before bed, reduce stress and focus your mind on the things that really matter to you.
  • Make sure you keep yourself hydrated. It’ll help you sleep better and look younger. Bored of water? Try adding nutrient-packed X50 Green Tea for flavour and energy.
  • Give yourself the gift of doing nothing. No phone, no distractions. Just five or 10 minutes outside, focusing on what you see, hear and smell. Mindfulness is a powerful act that can give your brain some peace and quiet. And we could all do with a bit of that sometimes!