5 Simple Daily Switches for Healthy Living
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5 Simple Daily Switches for Healthy Living

Check out these simple daily switches that will assist you on your journey to healthy living!

Healthy living is all about making the right choices, and implementing them into your daily routine. Sometimes, all it comes down to is a little switch, and it’s a lot easier than you may think. It’s a process of reminding yourself that being healthy is a lifestyle, and not just a phase you go through 2 weeks before bikini season. So, check out these 5 simple switches that you can make in your daily routine, to help facilitate a healthier YOU.

Switch #1: Juice/sugary drinks for water

This switch is the easiest switch of all to implement into your daily routine. Instead of ordering juice when you go out for breakfast/lunch/dinner, stick to water. Not only is it cost effective, it also helps you increase your daily water intake and stay away from the sneaky sugars found in juices, milkshakes, coffees and soft drinks. You will feel much more refreshed, hydrated and healthier, plus it eliminates any teeth or clothing staining that can sometimes happen when drinking flavoured beverages. If you’re really struggling to down a glass of fresh cold water, try asking for lemon water or adding some lime/mint yourself to add a bit of flavour – or why not add your favourite Green Tea X50 flavour.

Switch #2: Taking the stairs instead of elevator/escalator

Keep this switch in mind when shopping, going out, or even when exiting the train station. Taking the stairs will get your blood circulating and muscles working, plus it avoids any awkward elevator talk. Next time you’re confronted with the option, make the switch and encourage your friends to do the same. And trust me, the more you make the switch, the less you get puffed when you reach the top!

Switch #3: Brown/whole wheat for white

There’s no need to starve yourself on nothing but beans and lean chicken just to maintain a rockin’ bod. Making little switches at home, in the grocery store and when you dine out can make a huge difference over time! Brown/wholemeal grains are a great alternative for white, plus you can pretty much find them anywhere these days. Whether its brown rice sushi, whole grain bread for your Subway sandwich or whole grain pasta in your spaghetti, these switches are super easy and if you ask me, they taste a whole lot better too!

Switch #4: Black coffee for lattes

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a delicious latte with friends on a saturday morning, but during the week you don’t always need the extra drizzle of caramel in your vanilla latte to get you through the day. If you insist on having a daily coffee to prevent the midday crash, simply make the switch to a black coffee instead. It will save you cash and calories, plus I can guarantee the barista will like you ten times more than the ‘triple, venti, half sweet, non-fat, caramel macchiato’ lady…

Switch #5: Pack lunches instead of eating out

It can be difficult to find a healthy meal during your lunch break at work, and sometimes you get so carried away you simply don’t eat at all. This has extremely detrimental effects on your body and metabolism, and it can be easily fixed by taking a packed lunch with you each morning. This way you can eliminate any excuses and keep track of what you are putting into your mouth each day. You’ll feel more relaxed and actually have time to sit down and enjoy your break time.

Living a healthy life doesn’t have to be difficult, all it requires is making the right choices when it comes to your daily activities. These 5 simple switches are a perfect way to start, plus unlike a strict diet, they are super easy to maintain! Try to implement these switches into your daily routine for even just a week and you will start to feel and see the benefits. All it really comes down to is making one little switch!

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